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I continue to pursue more abstract artwork.  I really enjoy the spontaneity of it and it allows me to use my collage work along with my paints.  But there are those times when I have to come back to earth and paint something realistic like a beachball.  It grounds me and gives me a chance to work on my drawing skills.  Both types of artwork feed my soul.  [add beachball painting to this page]

And what about my card line?  Over the last year or two I’ve neglected my greeting card line to concentrate on getting into galleries and shows.  But recently I've been working on ten new greetings!  Each one funny, colorful, meaningful and of course still based on fruits and vegetables.  The cards should be ready before the end of 2018.  In the meantime check out my current cards by clicking ­here and viewing all the cards.  My art is my passion but my cards are my joy.

Right now I have to ask myself if I’m going to continue to compete in shows.  It costs a lot of money and sometimes the rewards are few and far between.  But there are still some competitions that I have never been in even after years of trying.  One excellent show is the Crocker-Kingsley.  Artists from all over the world apply to this show that is right in our own backyard (Roseville).  Someday perhaps…

One thing that will never change is that I will continue to create art in one form or another.  Not for any grand goal but for my own pleasure.  Everything else is gravy. 



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